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Orgo Lab Report Guidelines - Chemistry 30.225 Lab Report...

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Chemistry 30.225 Spring 2009 Lab Report Guidelines In order for others to learn about and evaluate cutting edge research, it must be communicated. One of the most common methods for communicating scientific research is the journal article. You will be writing your one lab report this semester in a style that is similar to the full papers published in the Journal of Organic Chemistry . 1 In addition, you will be practicing writing each of the sections of the lab report on your results sheets. While some of the specifics differ from this course, there is very good information in planning a research paper in Whitesides, G. How to Write A Research Paper: Whitesides Group, Adv. Mater., 2004, 16, 1374 . Additional general information can be found in The ACS style guide : a manual for authors and editors (available on reserves) . Your lab reports should have five sections beginning with a table of contents graphic and then include an abstract, introduction, results and discussion section , and experimental section. All sections other than the table of contents graphic should be delineated with bold headings. LENGTH : Scientific writing is concise. Journal pages are expensive, and extra long and wordy articles are seldom read. Therefore, a long paper will be at a considerable disadvantage compared to a well-written short paper. The entire paper is limited to 5 double spaced pages. All papers should be double spaced, 12-point type with 1” margins all around. Anything after the first five pages will not be graded. Your papers should be written in Times New Roman or Arial fonts. Please note that some VISTA programs may default to 11.5 point type and this will not be accepted. You need to include your name , title of the paper and drawer number . This may be on a separate title page that does not count toward the page limit, or at the top of the first page of your paper. A reference page (if included) does not count to your five page limit. While there is no minimum, a paper that is less than three pages long most likely does not go into the depth required by this assignment. AUDIENCE: Your lab reports should be written at a level comprehensible to students taking an organic chemistry course who have not performed the experiment before. In other words, you have to explain the experiment fully, but you can assume knowledge of basic concepts from organic chemistry and basic organic lab techniques. While in your lab report you will demonstrate your understanding of the techniques, your report should be focused on presenting the results you obtained and discussing these results. You should not include a lot of background information about extraction, column chromatography, etc. For example, assume your reader knows that the lower layer in the extraction is the layer with the greatest density, and that a drying agent is used to remove water. STYLE:
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Orgo Lab Report Guidelines - Chemistry 30.225 Lab Report...

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