Test 4- Sociology Chapter 12

Test 4- Sociology Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Types of...

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Chapter 12 Types of Religions Animism, Shamanism, Totemism Polytheism vs. monotheism Church, sect, and cult (Table 12-1) o Church : An established institutionalized organization of people who share common religious beliefs. More conventional group. American norm are defined pretty much by the church-like group like Methodist, Episcopalian. Ecclesia and denominations o Ecclesia : England’s Church of England is ecclesia, Arabic countries- Islam is their ecclesia, Catholic is ecclesia for Latin countries, US doesn’t have it bc we have freedom of religion o Denomination : term for all different established religious group. o Sect : Group that broke away from a parent church/original group. Sect and church have dynamic relationship. Sects become churches. Churches don’t become sects. Sect is less conventional in terms of behavior. Ex. Jehovah witness- refused blood infusion. Doctors couldn’t operate on them when trouble bc according to their belief, getting som1 else’s blood is like “painting” their body. Rather go to heaven than do that. When children get involved, parent’s have to give consent but usually don’t. Very against our norm. Example of Sect becoming church: Methodist group. When they started they were a small fundamental group. Converted more ppl, increased membership, and became more church-like Fundamentalism and creationism o Fundamentalism : the belief that the bible is the divine word of God and that all statements in it are to be taken literally, word for word. Quite often it creates a problem o Problem: Bible/Koran say different things. If you follow what it says in one book word
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Test 4- Sociology Chapter 12 - Chapter 12 Types of...

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