jonestown notes - 909 members in Jonestown suicide Jim...

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11/18/1978 909 members in Jonestown suicide Jim Jones’ persuasion -“if you see me as your friend, I’ll be your friend, father as father, savior as savior, god as god…” -going to promised land -“die with degree of dignity” -indiana town, child was poor in the community, born on wrong side of tracks, never accepted -killed cats, father was drunk, ran wild, live in dysfunctional family -feeling as an outcast, developed sensitivity for young blacks wanted to bring a black home but dad didn’t let him, so he didn’t see his dad for years -did not find community among normal people, but with church Church following: -no one mattered about color, everyone was integrated in church People’s Temple -jim jones adulterous relationship with first speaker’s sister -janet shular -deborah Layton: jones spoke of activism jones had sex with her while on the back of bus, jones was drunk, but said that “it was for you” -stanley clayton -tim carter: drug users come into Jonestown; people there become changed by jones -“never heard a man speak like this man before” -Claire Janaro: people were partying during the ceremony; then jones began speaking, and people were persuaded; he spoke that the govt were nto taking care of people, too many poor children, no child care -Deborah Layton: everyone though he/she was special realized there was something bigger to be involved in -phyllis, chuck willmore schoolmates of jim jones -Tim reiterman: jones found that church had strength to get following of people -Reverend Gay: “jones was hated and despised by some people in the white community”
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-Fielding McGehee: chose 90 miles away from SF, CA one of the 9 places in world where people can survive nuke attack -Rebecca Moore: Ukiah, CA 1965-1974 -redwood valley: paradise, rural, green, grape vines everywhere must be great place to live -started with 141 people grew to society all self-sufficient, people labor no differences of econ -took from bible, early days people should feed hungry, clothe naked, prevent suffering (jesus Christ teaching) -bus trips every summer (crosscountry) promoted integrated life style, but mostly gather more members into temple -jim jones talking about equality in races “somebody is gonna get on the freedom train” -started with 80 people, became organization of thousands in five years -was mostly a black church in membership (really understood black people, how it was to be treated)
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jonestown notes - 909 members in Jonestown suicide Jim...

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