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Johns Hopkins University Department of Chemistry Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory Chemistry 30.225 Spring 2009 Instructor : Dr. Jane Greco Office : Remsen 335 Phone : (410) 516-0079 Email : Lecture : Fridays 9:00 am or 10:00 am, Remsen 101 Lab Sections : All lab sections are in Mergenthaler 166 Section 1: Monday 1:30-6:30 Section 2: Tuesday 12:30-5:30 Section 3: Wednesday 1:30-6:30 Section 4: Thursday 12:30-5:30 Section 5: Friday 1:30-6:30 Office hours: All class days (Monday-Friday) , 3:00-3:30, Remsen 335 TA help sessions and email addresses are on WebCT. Prerequisite: 30.105 or the equivalent. Freshman who are using AP credit as the equivalent for 30.105 MUST obtain instructor permission. Students must have either completed first semester organic chemistry and are expected to have completed or be concurrently enrolled in second semester organic chemistry. Credits: 3 Objectives: The objectives of this one semester organic chemistry laboratory are to learn the techniques common to organic chemists, as well as how to think about the data obtained in the organic chemistry laboratory, and learn how to record data and observations and present these observations in the form of formal lab reports. Required Materials: 1. Lab handouts from WebCT 2. Zubrick, James W. The Organic Chem Lab Survival Manual. 7 th Edition. Wiley, 2008. 3. Wireless laboratory notebook ($1.00 composition books are fine, but write page numbers!-no spirals or legal pads) 4. Safety goggles/glasses 5. Combination Lock 6. RF CPS VOTING UNIT: remote control used for in-class voting; also known as a “CPS response unit” (at the JHU Book Center)
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Laboratory and Makeup Policies: Laboratory Attendance: All excuses for missing your assigned laboratory section must be submitted via e-mail to Dr. Greco for approval. Foreseeable conflicts such as religious reasons or team obligations should be approved at least one week in advance. Illnesses should be approved before the start of your designated lab section, and documentation may be requested. Makeups requested for illness after the start of your lab section will count as tardy. When requesting permission to miss your assigned lab section, please include your excuse and the sections that you would be available to make up the lab. Lab makeups will be worked out for the same week on a space available basis. If you need to make up an experiment, any assignment for the experiment is still due on your regularly scheduled day. If space is not available for a make up during the designated week for the missed experiments, the experiment will need to be made up during the last week of class during check out week. If you make up an experiment during the check out week, you will need to write a formal lab report for that experiment which will be due Monday, Monday, May 4 th , 2008. Due to very limited lab space for makeup labs, only 2 labs will be excused. Furthermore, NO MAKEUPS WILL BE ALLOWED BECAUSE OF LONG SPRING BREAKS. In the case of an unexcused lab absence, you will lose the 12 points
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Syllabus 2009 - Johns Hopkins University Department of...

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