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1902 emil fischer presentation - The Nobel Prize in...

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The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1902 Presentation Speech Presentation Speech by Professor Hj. Théel, President of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences on December 10, 1902 Your Majesty, Your Royal Highnesses, Ladies and Gentlemen. The Royal Academy of Sciences has resolved to award the 1902 Nobel Prize for Chemistry to Dr. Emil Fischer, Professor at Berlin University and Geheimrat, for "the extraordinary services he has rendered by his work on sugar and purine syntheses". One of the main tasks of organic chemistry is to investigate and reproduce artificially those processes occurring in living matter, both animal and vegetable, in order thereby to provide a firm basis for the concepts regarding biological phenomena. Apart from the protein substances there is no group of carbon compounds more important for organic life than the carbohydrates. For that reason the carbohydrates, and in particular the sugars, have been the object of countless studies since the beginning of organic chemistry. Owing to the nature of these substances their study was fraught with great difficulty and until a few years ago appeared an impossible task. On the basis of his discovery of the hydrazine derivatives, a significant discovery, Professor Fischer succeeded in finding a brilliant solution to the problem. With surprisingly acute judgement and with brilliant discernment in choosing his ways and means Fischer not only reproduced synthetically natural grape- and fruit-sugars, but also some thirty other sugars and an abundance of closely related compounds. Whereas of the naturally occurring, simple sugars only those with 5-6 carbon atoms have been found, Fischer synthesized a continuous series containing from 2 to 9 carbon atoms. Furthermore, by his elegant method of making glucosides artificially, he has also added to the achievements of organic synthesis this group which is so extraordinarily important for vegetable physiology. These studies have been significant especially for the theory of the spatial arrangement of atoms as
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1902 emil fischer presentation - The Nobel Prize in...

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