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Social Psychology studies the nature and causes of behavior in social situations. Study of the social factors influencing individual behavior. Explores the social ingredients that influence the behaviors. EX: aggression, personality, conformity Social Thinking: Attribution Theory- an explanation for someone’s behavior, the reason. Dispositional- dispositional/cannot control behavior Situational attributes -product of environment abused, manipulated. Fundamental Distribution Error- The tendency to overestimate dispositional attributes and underestimate situational attributes. Someone is late getting to their car: They shouldn’t have been late and wouldn’t have been raped. Self-Serving Bias - I did not get the job because someone knew the guy whos hiring. Foot-In-Door- 2 step process 1 ask for something small 2 ask for a larger piece. Door-In-Face- 1 start with something excessive, person says no 2 ask for what you really want. That’s Not All- up a little get a toaster. SOCIAL rules. Zimbardo’s Prison study- 1972 Stanford U 12 prisoners, guards. Fingerprinted, treated roughly. Guards wore uniforms, shades. Prisoners had to behave for food, if not hit or no food. Study supposed to be for 14 days but only 6 because got caught up in roles and moved outside societal norms. Cognitive Dissonance Theory- and attitude change and persuasion strategy. Gays should not be allowed in military/anyone who wants to serve should be allowed. If brought to attention will change
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