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PSY Quiz 2 Review

PSY Quiz 2 Review - Quiz 2 Review Development(Week 7...

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Quiz 2 Review Development (Week 7, Chapter 4) What is development? Physical, mental, and social change over time What role does physical maturation play in development? Biological changes that result in certain capacities Influence varies across the life span What capacities does a newborn infant have? Reflexes: Rooting, Moro, grasping, stepping Preference for faces Rapid recognition of caregiver (mother) Face, voice, scent Describe Piaget’s stages of cognitive development—including the ages when they occur —in terms of the different modes of representing information used at each stage. What limitations to Piaget’s model has modern psychological research discovered? Describe the three different infant attachment styles in terms of the infant’s bond with the caregiver and certainty that her/his needs will be met. What factors predict attachment style? What outcomes is attachment style associated with across the life span? When and how does the self concept develop? Describe the associations between parenting styles and culture (individualistic vs. collectivistic). According to modern research, what happens to a person’s capacity for formal operations in adolescence? Describe Kohlberg’s stage theory of moral reasoning.
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