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Test 2- Practice

Test 2- Practice - No fluid squirted onto the windshield...

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Practice Draw morphological trees for the following words. ungrammaticality institutionalization unhappiness wirelessly redecorating disapproval fictionalization unjustified Do constituency tests on the underlined group of words. Based on the tests, decide whether or not the group is a constituent. One day I took my car for an oil change . The basket was full of acorns. As I drove home , I tried to wash the windshield.
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Unformatted text preview: No fluid squirted onto the windshield . Draw the syntactic trees for the following sentences. We went to a party. The party was fun. My friend swallowed a goldfish. The goldfish wiggled in his throat. The very scared goldfish leapt from his mouth into its bowl. Everyone laughed. The boy cut the steak with a knife. The girl hit the boy with a bat....
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  • Spring '08
  • Collins
  • English-language films, Following, ungrammaticality institutionalization unhappiness, Draw morphological trees, scared goldfish leapt

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