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Test 3- Outline and Review

Test 3- Outline and Review - OUTLINE You should know the...

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OUTLINE: You should know the definition, application, and/or importance of the following terms for test 3. lexical relations semantic roles deixis inference presupposition speech acts - direct and indirect face - negative and positive face threatening entailment implicature cooperative principle Grice’s Maxims observe and flout First Language Acquisition theories requirements timeline concepts that are mastered early Second Language Acquisition affective filters approaches to teaching types of input for second language learners communicative competence Review for Test 3: What is the lexical relation between the following groups of words? Be specific. enter, exit big, small to, two, too dead, alive car, automobile bat, bat carrot, vegetable, food dog - animal daffodil - flower hammer - nail conceal - hide meat - meet Give the semantic roles for the following verbs. If the verb has more than one possibility, give a sentence that exemplifies your answer.
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