Exam2a_answer - CHM 114B Exam 2 (10:40- 11:55 AM Oct. 10,...

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Unformatted text preview: CHM 114B Exam 2 (10:40- 11:55 AM Oct. 10, 2006 ) Set A Name___________________________________ ASU afFliate ID ___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Of the following, __________ radiation has the shortest wavelength. A) X- ray B) radio C) infrared D) microwave E) ultraviolet 1) Answer: A 2) Of the elements below, __________ has the largest Frst ionization energy. A) K B) Rb C) H D) Li E) Na 2) Answer: C 3) Of the elements below, __________ is the most metallic. A) barium B) cesium C) magnesium D) calcium E) sodium 3) Answer: B 4) The value of E for a system that performs 213 kJ of work on its surroundings and loses 79 kJ of heat is __________ kJ. A)- 134 B) + 292 C)- 292 D) + 134 E)- 213 4) Answer: C 5) Which of the following correctly represents the electron afFnity of selenium? A) Se (g) + e- Se- (g) B) Se + (g) + e- Se (g) C) Se 8 (g) + 8e- 8Se- (g) D) Se (g) Se + (g) + e- E) Se- (g) + e- Se 2- (g) 5) Answer: A 6) If the core electrons were totally effective at shielding the valence electrons from the full charge of the nucleus and the valence electrons provided no shielding for each other, what would be the values of Z eff , for the 4s electron in a potassium atom? A) 2 B)- 1 C) 1 D) 3 E) 0 6) Answer: C 7) Which one of the following elements has the largest atomic radius?...
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This note was uploaded on 03/24/2009 for the course CHM chem 114 taught by Professor Dongseo during the Fall '06 term at ASU.

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Exam2a_answer - CHM 114B Exam 2 (10:40- 11:55 AM Oct. 10,...

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