exam3a_answer - CHM 114B Exam 3 SET A

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Unformatted text preview: CHM 114B Exam 3 SET A Name__________________________________________ ASU AfFliate ID _________________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) The bromide of which of the following metals should have the greatest lattice energy? A) sodium B) lithium C) cesium D) rubidium E) potassium 1) Answer: B 2) Of the molecules below, only __________ is polar. A) CCl 4 B) Xe¡ 4 C) SiCl 4 D) CH 4 E) S¡ 4 2) Answer: E 3) In the periodic table, __________ is the most electronegative. A) Ca B) S C) Si D) ¡ E) Cl 3) Answer: D 4) Hydrogen bonding is a special case of __________. A) ion- dipole attraction B) London- dispersion forces C) dipole- dipole attractions D) none of the above E) ion- ion interactions 4) Answer: C 5) Which of the following statements about gases is false? A) All mixtures of gases are homogeneous. B) A gas is much less dense than a liquid. C) All gases are colorless and odorless at room temperature. D) Gases expand spontaneously to Fll the container they are placed in. E) Gases are highly compressible. 5) Answer: C 6) How many equivalent resonance structures can be drawn for the molecule of SO 3 without having to violate the octet rule on the sulfur atom?...
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exam3a_answer - CHM 114B Exam 3 SET A

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