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motility baskası - MOTILITY(2007 FALL...

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MOTILITY: (2007 FALL) 1. Cilia are found in pairs are numerous across the cell move things across the cell move the cell forward are found in the bronchi AD BCE 2. Bacterial flagella have a complex of proteins that work as a rotary motor to turn the flagella are used to move the bacteria use the presence/ absence of another protein to change the direction of the rotary motor All of the above 3. the primary neurotransmitter at motor end plates is acetylcholine dopamine seratonin GABA 4. Muscle contractions are in response to High concentrations of glucose Bone movement Nerve impulses ATP bursts 5. For motility, cells convert ________________ to ______________ energy. chemical mechanical mechanical electrical kinetic potential atomic mechanical
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6. Nerve signaling at the neuromuscular junction causes muscles to relax ATP to be released ameoba to crawl an action potential to be initiated on the cell membrane of the muscle
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motility baskası - MOTILITY(2007 FALL...

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