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COURSES > BME 111: ENG PERS BIOL SYS MW (2007 FALL) > ASSIGNMENTS Name: Fluids 1&2 Status : Completed Score: 1.5 out of 1.5 points Instructions: Use your powerpoints and notes. Calculation answer should be entered as 1.0 (for example). Due Oct 31 @ 10 pm. Question 1 0.1 of 0.1 points A pair of streamlines converge. Their velocity Selected Answer: increases Question 2 0.1 of 0.1 points For terrestrial organisms, gravity can be ignored as an influence on the density and pressure of a gas because the volume of the lungs will not vary significantly over the heights at which organisms are found. Selected Answer: True Question 3 0.1 of 0.1 points The internal cohesion of liquids Selected Answer: is useful in pulling liquids up plant stems Question 4 0.1 of 0.1 points Different gases have different solubilities in liquids such as water. Increasing the pressure on the gas Selected Answer: increases the rate of gas dissolving in a liquid
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rFluids1&2results - Review Assessment: Fluids...

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