quiz 5 - 1 Litigation in the United States is a growth...

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1) Litigation in the United States is a growth industry. True False 2) A law created by a federal, state, or local legislature,  constitution, or treaty is called a common law. True False Rationale: A law created by a federal, state, or local legislature, constitution, or treaty is called a statute . Common law refers to the body of law created by judges though their court decisions. Review this topic 3) A dual court system operates in the United States. True False Rationale: The dual court system is composed of the state courts and the federal courts. Review this topic
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4) Negligence torts are deliberate acts by a person or business  firm. True False Rationale: Deliberate acts by a person or business firm are called intentional torts . Review this topic 5) An offer is a legally enforceable, voluntary agreement  between two or more parties. True False Rationale: A contract is a legally enforceable, voluntary agreement between two or more parties. An offer doesn't become a contract until it is accepted by another party. Review this topic 6) The court uses gap fillers to determine the intent of the offer,  acceptance, and consideration.
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quiz 5 - 1 Litigation in the United States is a growth...

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