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Quiz: Chapter 7: Management and Leadership Official Score: 27% Recorded at 9/18/2008 4:16:49 AM (EST). 1) There are more than 21 million business establishments in  the United States. True False 2) The amount of formal power and authority that  accompanies a leadership position directly impacts how  effective the leader is. True False Rationale: Leadership has little to do with formal power and authority. The most effective leaders are influencers because of who they are, how they relate to people, and what values they project to others. Review this topic 3) Autocratic leadership means granting employees the  authority and power to make work-related decisions.
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False Rationale: Autocratic leaders provide subordinates with detailed job instructions, specifying exactly what is to be done and when it is to be done. Review this topic 4) With democratic leadership, the supervisor avoids power  and responsibility. True False Rationale: Democratic leaders consult with subordinates about job activities, problems, and corrective actions, although the decision making still rests with them . Review this topic 5) The average size of companies, measured by the number of  individuals it employs, is decreasing. True
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quiz 7 - Quiz: Chapter 7: Management and Leadership...

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