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quiz 10 - Quiz Chapter 10 Human Relations and Motivation...

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Quiz: Chapter 10: Human Relations and Motivation Official Score: 60% Recorded at 9/18/2008 4:20:10 AM (EST). 1) Scientific management  is the systematic study and  breakdown of work into its smallest mechanical elements  and then the rearrangement of these elements into their  most efficient combination. True False 2) The Hawthorne studies showed how group characteristics  and the type of supervision, among other things, influence  motivation and productivity. True False Rationale: The studies have been interpreted in different ways, but one message is clear: Managers attempting to create a favorable climate for motivation must consider (1) the group, (2) helping employees improve their self-esteem, and (3) style of supervision. Review this topic
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3) Intrinsic rewards  are external to work itself; they are  administered by someone else, such as a manager, and  include such things as pay, fringe benefits, recognition, and  praise. True False Rationale: Such things as pay, fringe benefits, recognition, and praise are extrinsic rewards . Intrinsic rewards relate directly to performing the
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