3.2.The Scientific Method.ER.2008

3.2.The Scientific Method.ER.2008 - Etymology of...

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Unformatted text preview: Etymology of “Science” Etymology of “Science” C14, “science” used to distinguish between “CONscience” C17, “science” became distinguished from “art” Evidence Evidence Scientific statements must be based on evidence Making observations Making observations Inference – to conclude by reasoning from something known Deduction Induction Interpretation Facts Facts Are statements based on observations verified by repeated testing Methods Methods Methods of observation are tested through replication in order to validate statements about evidence. The Scientific Method The Scientific Method Problem Hypothesis Test/experiment/research Peer Review Replication Counter­arguments Counter­arguments “evolution involves events that cannot be repeated or reproduced in the laboratory, so it does not depend on science in the usual sense of the word” (creationism.org) Theory Theory A theory is an explanation that is consistent with all the available evidence and each new piece of evidence found has to be consistent with the explanation for it to remain a valid theory. Science and Faith Science and Faith Science starts with something observable Faith rests on that which cannot be observed, but is believed. Does science disprove Creation? Does science disprove Creation? Does science disprove Deity? NO, the supernatural cannot be tested or falsified Laws, Associations & Relationships Laws, Associations & Relationships Laws – describe a constant, direct relationship between variables (e.g. the state of water in relation to temperature) Theories – relationships and associations are described as probabilities because of variation Cube Science Cube Science Problem: Cannot move cube Preliminary Observations Research question ­ Is there, and what is, a number on the bottom? Formulate Hypotheses Make observations – varied methods/perspectives Share observations – relationships? Patterns? Make an interpretative, theoretical statement ...
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  • Falsifiability, cube  Preliminary Observations, Cube Science Cube, Hypotheses Make observations, methods/perspectives Share observations

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