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Spector & Cronin texts - Provide description and comparison of Native American and Euro-western social patterns - Illustrate the interaction and conflict between Native American and Euro- western cultural and social patterns Social patterns of Subsistence Settlement Legal/political organization Language Cultural relationships between them Structuralism ” studies the correspondence and patterns of cultural and social structures: i.e. how patterns of meaning legitimize status relationships between roles, affecting; authority, privilege, power, and distribution of resources e.g. “Curly Locks”, gendered labor; ( Spector: p33 Domestic-public dichotomy) SOCIAL PATTERNS ARE REPRODUCED IN THESE meaningfully STRUCTURED practices, such as in story telling. How does Spector rewrite history? (from “dogs’ life” to 113, Why? Pp128 Subsistence & Divisions of labor; Settlement; Social Welfare; (Hunting & Foraging, horticultural/ “semi-Nomadic” – season
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3-2spector-sweatlodge-cronin - Spector & Cronin texts...

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