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Anth101-007 Culture: From sticks and stones to words and medicine Perspective : Cartesian world view Body-Machine analogy Dualisms: Mind over Matter Great Chain of Being – Fixed order Binary Worldview Darwin : emotion as adaptations to evolutionary conditioning More interaction, but retained cultural binary: emotion=instinct, Mind=rational Medical Anthropology . A. Illness and disease. 1. Disease is a scientifically defined ailment. 2. Illness is an ailment as experienced and perceived by the sufferer. 3. Medical anthropology is the study of disease and illness in their sociocultural context. B. Identifies Three Basic Human Theories of Illness Causation. 1. Personalistic (e.g., caused by witches, mom). 2. Naturalistic (caused through impersonal forces, e.g., Western biomedicine). 3. Emotionalistic (e.g., Nervoso & susto among Latino populations). Evolutionary medicine : What is it about being human that makes our bodies work the way they do?
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