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Essay Two.anth101.09

Essay Two.anth101.09 - Essay Two Fall 2008 Introduction to...

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Essay Two Fall 2008 Introduction to Anthropology Anth-101 Instructor: Erik Reavely Instructions : Chose one of the two prompts below to construct your essay. 1) Both Spector and Cronin warn of the problems of using historical documents as data for reconstructing the past and argue that their methods are an attempt to “rewrite history” as it has been told before them. What specific problems do they point to within the historical documents they examine? How did the language of these documents influence European-Indian, or human-ecology relationships? Finally, how does the argument of each author “rewrite” the history of (Indian-colonial or human- ecological) relations implied in the historical documents? What specifically have they illustrated that revises the history these documents describe? Always use specific examples to support your responses/arguments . 2) Drawing from both the Spector and Cronin texts (you may also use lecture materials) outline and compare the 3 of the following 4 patterns:
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