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Ong, Aihwa 1987 Sprits of Resistance and Capitalist Discipline: Factory Women in Malaysia. State University of New York Press: Albany. CH2 : Terms : Tributary (political system); Corvee labor; Indirect Rule; Indentured Labor; Paternalism; Use Value; Exchange Value; Hegemony 1) how did the Tributary Political system that existed before British intervention affect settlement patterns, population density and the accumulation of wealth? 2) Who were the “non-producing class”? 3) What was the dual policy of British indirect rule? How did it affect the peasant economy? 4) What were some of the interests or objectives of colonial rule (not just the British government, but hose who actually administered colonial policy)? 5) 6) What was the “myth of the lazy native”? Why was it so widely believed? How does the author characterize its meaning? 7) What were the strategies of the peasant economy under colonial rule? 8) What prevented the rise of a capitalist class among the Malay? 9) What did enable the rise of class stratification? Chapter 3 1) According to Ong, the creation of a Free Trade Zone for transnational capital signifies a shift in the resources being “capitalized” on by foreign owned companies. What are those resources? What are the companies profiting from? 2) What processes of change and new social institutions have affected the social distribution of land? How do new social networks affect the distribution of land and wealth? 3) How do new institutions such as schools play a part in the social distribution of wealth and social mobility? 4) In what ways did female sexuality correspond with national, state, or economic development? What are “bio-politics” and what does Ong give for an example of this? Terms
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Ong.spirits - all - Ong, Aihwa 1987 Sprits of Resistance...

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