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Reading/ viewing guide for “What are Friends for?” and (Film) “Introduction to Chimpanzee Behavior” Reading prompts/questions “What are Friends for?” What problems does the author raise with the “dominance hypothesis” and what evidence does she use to support her arguments? How do Olive Baboons choose friends? Who chooses? On what basis doe they choose friends? What evidence described by the author might support the “Fundamental Selective Triad” hypothesis (from Johansen & Edgar), which posited that monogamous relationships developed
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Unformatted text preview: out of maternal/reproductive needs for protection and food? What evidence does the author describe that would counter this hypothesis? Viewing prompts/questions “Introduction to Chimpanzee Behavior” What kinds of social behavior do you observe chimpanzees engaging in? List the ways that chimpanzees are described as interacting socially What is the role of neoteny in chimpanzee development? What do Chimpanzees share? What behavioral commonalities can you see between the chimpanzees in Gombe and the Olive Baboons from the Eburru Cliffs?...
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