Behind the labels-garment workers in US Saipan

Behind the labels-garment workers in US Saipan - 6 How does...

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Behind the Labels: Garment Workers in U.S. Saipan 1) How are these garment factory-labor conditions similar to those in the electronics factories of Malaysia described by Aihwa Ong? How does work discipline operate here? What are the gender relations of the factory workforce? 2) How is the status of these workers as immigrant women exploited? 3) How does the United States government participate in their exploitation in numerous ways including both policy and neglect? 4) Why can’t these workers just leave? How is this “indentured servitude”? 5) Why can’t the workers unionize? What would be the effect of unionization?
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Unformatted text preview: 6) How does the manager of the American garment factory describe the workers? How does he describe their condition as workers? How does he describe the conditions for business? 7) How do the women themselves experience the conditions of their employment? How has it affected their ties to family, or to other support networks? 8) How have the actions they’ve taken against the companies made any difference? 9) List the companies taking advantage of the “Made in America” loophole that is Saipan: What do the labels on your clothes say ? What would you like them to represent? How do you make that happen?...
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