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The Kayapo Resistance 1. What were the subsistence strategies of the Kayapo, and what threatens their subsistence? How? 2. How were subsistence labor tasks divided among the Kayapo? 3. What requires the Kayapo to have access to extensive areas of forestland? What would be the impact of continuing their subsistence strategies on less land? 4. Why can’t the function or frequency of Trekking be accounted for simply as a result of material necessity? 5. What is the purpose and meaning of these treks according to Terence Turner? 6. What does Turner mean by “social production”? What does it include? 7. In what ways do the Kayapo link the life cycle and reproduction of human society with the reproduction of their environment? 8. How did the Brazilian State facilitate or represent a threat to Kayapo subsistence?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What was the social result of Kayapo participating in the cash-economy? 10. How did the State use common assumptions about native peoples to circumvent their legal rights? How did the Kayapo use these assumptions to their own benefit? 11. What other policy strategies were used by the government to undermine Kayapo resistance efforts? How did the Kayapo use this opportunity to strengthen their case? What resources did they draw on? 12. How did Payakan, a Kayapo chief, explain the relationship between political organization and human ecology? 13. What is “new” about the resistance efforts made by the Kayapo? What resources did they draw on? What effect did it have?...
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