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Cultural Anesthesia - argued and debated about the video...

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Anthropology of Mass Media Cultural Anesthesia In the article “On Cultural Anesthesia: from Desert Storm to Rodney King” by author  Allen Feldman discussed about  two events, Desert Storm and beating of Rodney King, has  impacted mass media. Mass media exposes the two events “without one set of images offering  a coherent account of the other” (p 408).  Allen Feldman had discussed that the actual events were not being exposed correctly; it  was scripted, edited by the media.  As Feldman once said somewhere, “The event is not what  happens. The event is that which can be narrated” (p 414). In the court of law, both sides 
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Unformatted text preview: argued and debated about the video that was of Rodney Kings beating. The video was edited with a soundtrack and some deleted scenes. It only showed King in the moment of violence, instead of memory, reason or language. Memory: the video wanted to show that King loses. Mass media has the power to control what they distribute and produce, consume with history itself. Racism still exists as it was proof with Rodney Kings edited, narrative beating video. Rodney King became a symbol of police brutality and racial unrest....
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