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MATH 22 Course Policies Summer II, 2005 1. Instructor. B. Dodson, Room 231 XS, Phone x8-3745, Email bad0. 2. Text. We will cover material from Stewart, Calculus, Early Transcentals, Fifth Edition. We begin with some review material from Calculus I; then selected portions of Chapters 7 through 11 will be covered. 3. Attendence. Attendence is required in class. You will be dropped from the course if you do not meet the attendence requirement. Homework will be assigned in each period, and should be completed before the next lecture. The two purposes of these assignments is to make sure that we are covering the material of Math 22; and to prepare you for quizzes and exams. I’ve also attached a copy of the homework assignments from Fall 2004, for additional practice problems. Short quizzes will be given during lecture. No make-ups will be given, but your lowest quiz score will be dropped. The problems will either be taken directly from
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Unformatted text preview: the assigned homework problems, or will be similar to assigned problems. Each class meeting will include material that would be covered during recitation in the regular sessions. 4. Exams. There will be ve hour exams, usually given during the Tuesday 2-3:50 classes. The dates of the exams are July 12, 19, 26, August 2 and 10. The last hour exam will be held from 12:00 pm to 1:35 pm, during the last scheduled class - but will not be cumulative and counts the same as the other hour exams. No make-ups for exams will be given, and scores will not be dropped except for excused absences arranged in advance. 5. Grading. Your course grade will be determined by your performance on Quizzes and Hour Exams: The quizzes will count for a total of 100 points; each Hour Exam will count for 100 points; so that there will be a total of 600 points. Review Material:...
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