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powepoint 14 - Animals- circulation - Animals Circulation...

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Animals: Circulation Outline: 1. Key concepts 2. Circulatory system basics 3. Types of circulatory system 4. Components of blood 5. Human circulatory system 6. Lymphatic system 7. Key terms 8. Conclusions Key Concepts: How important is your circulatory system? 50% of all deaths in this country: heart disease; heart attack; diabetes; etc. 1. All cells survive by exchanging substances with their surroundings 2. Blood is the transport medium of the circulatory system 3. There are two types of circulatory systems (open and closed) 4. A four-chambered heart pumps blood through the body of birds and mammals 5. The circulatory circuits are the pulmonary and systemic circuits 6. Arteries transport blood from the heart whereas veins transport blood to the heart 7. Arterioles control blood-flow through each organ 8. Capillaries are the vessels where diffusion takes place 9. The lymphatic system has three functions: drainage, absorption, delivery of pathogens Types of circulatory systems 1. No circulatory system (gastrovascular cavities) Gastrovascular cavity function in digestion and distribution of nutrients Cnidarians, planarians 2. Open circulatory systems Blood not always in vessels (hemolymph = blood + interstitial fluid) Insects, spiders, mollusks 3. Closed circulatory system Blood always in vessels Earthworm, squid, octopuses, and vertebrates Gastrovascular cavities Examples: jelly fish and flatworm
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Grasshopper: Earthworm: Circulatory system basics: 1. A fluid – blood: as a medium of transport 2. A system of channels – blood vessels: conduct the blood throughout the body 3. A pump – the heart: keeps the blood circulation Closed circulatory system of vertebrates: Fish – (1) O2 blood to tissue directly; (2) O2 poor blood to the heart;
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powepoint 14 - Animals- circulation - Animals Circulation...

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