powerpoint 2 & 3 -- mendelian genetics

powerpoint 2 & 3 -- mendelian genetics - Genetics...

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Genetics: Mendelian Genetics Patterns of Inheritance Outline: 1. Key concepts 2. A few terms 3. Mendel’s Experimental Approach 4. Monohybrid 5. Dihybrid 6. Extending Mendelian Genetics a. Incomplete dominance b. Codominance c. Polygenic inheritance d. Environmental impact 7. Mendelian Inheritance in Humans 8. Key Terms 9. Conclusions Key Concepts: 1. Genes are units of information about inherited traits 2. Each gene has a particular location on a particular chromosome 3. During meiosis, paired genes are moved apart 4. Gregor Mendel found evidence for gene 5. Homologous chromosomes are independently distributed and assorted during meiosis 6. Not all traits are clearly dominant of recessive but can be partially dominant or codominant A Few Genetics Terms: Gene – function unit codes some trait. Alleles – one of alternative forms of a particular gene True-breeding – produce offspring consistently identical to the parent with respect to certain defined characters after generations Homozygous – carrying two copies of the same allele of a given gene ( =True breeding) Heterozygous – carrying two different alleles of a given gene. Dominant – allele that expresses itself Recessive – an allele that is masked Genotype – an organism’s allelic (genetic) makeup
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Phenotype – the outward appearance or expression of an organism Generations o P – parental generation o F1 – offspring of the parental generation o F2 – offspring of F1 Mendel’s Experimental Approach : Mendel chose to study peas because: They were small, easy, and inexpensive They had a short generation time Many varieties of pure lines available which were “true-breeding” He could obtain large numbers for mathematical analysis of the data Mendel studied 7 traits, one at a time: Mendel’s Monohybrid Cross : P: Purple flowered x White flowered
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powerpoint 2 & 3 -- mendelian genetics - Genetics...

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