powerpoint 7 -- Decent with Modification & evolution

powerpoint 7 -- Decent with Modification &...

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Decent with Modification One of the key words of our modern time is Evolution Outline: 1. Key concepts 2. Darwin developed the theory of evolution based on his observations and other evidence a. Darwin’s observations b. Factors that influenced Darwin’s thinking 3. Natural Selection – a mechanism of evolution 4. More evidences 5. Key terms 6. Conclusions Key Concepts: Evolutionary theories gave early scholars new ways to interpret the occurrences in the world Today, biological evolution is interpreted as heritable changes Darwin and Wallace explained evolution on the basis of Natural Selection The traits that characterize a population can change over time Lamark’s Theory of Evolution Theory of inheritance of acquired characteristic ie: giraffe’s long neck to reach for the more tender leaves at the tops of trees Early beliefs and New Discoveries Aristotle – believed that each kind of organism was distinct from all the rest Charles Darwin – called evolution “Decent with modification” Darwin – Voyage of the Beagle – 1831 At age 22, Charles Darwin began a five-year round-the-world voyage aboard the Beagle. He collected and examined the species that inhabited the regions the ship visited. Darwin’s Observations Prevailing ideas about species: they did not change or interbreed Darwin’s evidence for change came from: 1. His observations of living organisms 2. Geologic evidence and fossil record 3. Theories of population growth Darwin’s Mechanism of Evolution by Natural Selection Consists of observations on four aspects of the natural world:
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1. Variation: Variation among individuals means they individually have different ability to obtain resources. 2.
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powerpoint 7 -- Decent with Modification &...

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