holocaust - Huyssen depicted memory of Holocaust as well...

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Anthropology of Mass Media Holocaust In both articles “Lessons from the Holocaust Museum” by author Richard Handler and  “Present Pasts: Media, Politics, Amnesia” by Andreas Huyssen both illustrated America’s  memory of Holocaust. There were practices of how a memory becomes a memory of its own.   Handler has argued that architectures and designers shaped the Holocaust museum in  ways to remind of Holocaust providing symbols. For example, “a jagged skylight meant to  suggest both freedom and oppression” (pg 674). However, the creators of this museum have  narrated in a way which makes it seem as if the Holocaust has never happened. Unfortunately,  the Holocaust museum acknowledged by Handler has shown examples of racism which “is  individuated in collective as well as personal terms.”
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Unformatted text preview: Huyssen depicted memory of Holocaust as well and stated Holocaust in the Western modernity is not the whole story. It causes for many narratives and subplots enter into numerous stories. Huyssen mentioned “it is no longer possible for instance to think of the Holocaust or of any other historical trauma as a serious ethical and political issue apart from the multiple ways it is now linked to commodification…” (pg 18). Historians tend to think it is a memory from their own sub-consciousness and wrongly thought that it is a fact which they would think it to be. Then “cultural memory” comes into play by how a person shape their thoughts and plug into between two distant memories to make it a story....
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holocaust - Huyssen depicted memory of Holocaust as well...

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