Chronology_of_China_History(Standard_version) - Chronology...

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Unformatted text preview: Chronology of Chinese History Dr. Dominic Cheung Time Period Dynasty 2000-1050 BC Xia and Shang Dynasty---The coming of the Bronze Age, bone oracles, and jade artifacts. 1050-221 BC Zhou Dynasty---Capital city is constructed in Xian (Chang An), later moved to city of Luoyang. "Middle Kingdom" idea is introduced. Western Zhou---1100-771 B.C., Eastern Zhou---770 - 256 B.C. Spring and Autumn Period------770 - 476 B.C. Confucius (551-479 BC) creates a code of ethics. Warring States Period-----------475 - 221 B.C. 221-206 BC Qin Dynasty---Emperor Qin Shi Huang unites China and divides the empires into provinces and prefectures. Standards are set for weights, measures and written languages. The first section of the Great Wall is completed. Army of Terra Cotta Warriors is created to guard the emperor's tomb. 202 BC- 220 AD Han Dynasty---Important inventions such as gun powder and paper. Buddhism is introduced into China; Confucianism is instituted as the basis of education and admission to civil service. admission to civil service....
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Chronology_of_China_History(Standard_version) - Chronology...

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