Art 2047 April 27

Art 2047 April 27 - Art 2047 KINETIC SCULPTURE Often...

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Art 2047 April 27, 2006 KINETIC SCULPTURE Often associated with New Tendency George Rickey, Three Red Lines, 1966 In constant motion Cmpd: Alexander Calder, Lobster Trap and Fish Tail Nicolas Schoffer, Chronos 8, 1967-68 Grid work, light sensors implanted in discs Cpmd: Vasarely, Orion MC Robotic Cmpd: Moholy-Nagy, Light Space Modulator Otto Piene, Hot Air Balloons, 1969 German US Worked at MIT Melded art and science Light show of peace time LATE MODERN AND POSTMODERN ARCHITECTURE Not so much about object but whole environment Modern is international style: Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye, 1928, Possy, France Steam ships Pilotis Frank Lloyd Wright, Guggenheim Museum, 1957-59, but designed in 1943 Reinhard, Hofmeister, Morris, Corbett, Harmon and MacMurry: Hood and Fouilhoux, Rockefeller Center, New York, 1931-32 Not really modern, still have details Open first level avoids setbacks by being sited back from street, pilotis, glass curtain wall Monument to American Modern, but more corprate Le Corbusier, Vision Plan for Paris, 1922 Come long way from Sullivan, Wainwright Building, St. Louis Minoru Yamasaki, World Trade Center, New York, begun 1967 (destroyed 2001)
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Art 2047 April 27 - Art 2047 KINETIC SCULPTURE Often...

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