Art 4405-November 20, 2007

Art 4405-November 20, 2007 - Art 4405 Macedonian Dynasty...

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Art 4405 November 20, 2007 Macedonian Dynasty: The 11 th century: Reasserting the imperial idea has to do with Byzantine empire’s rise as a powerhouse again Byzantines defeat the Bulgars in 1014 and Armenia in 1045 upsweep, money coming in, land being concord imperial imagery from Pantokrator to Psalter of Basil Psalter of Basil II, Portrait of Patron, 1020 [slide] Basil II rules 976-1025, he was also a general, held on for 49 years he must be doing something right, cover of Psalter has patron, Basil, military layout the layout is somewhat grid like Basil is crowned from heaven by way of angel authority of emperor comes from Christ portraits on the sides are warrior saints, George etch. enemies at the bottom, proskynesis= kneeling before a higher authority proskynesis - this is usually done in front of an icon but with hands in the air: carry over from orant, act establishes hierarchy, humans being distinguished from dogs Basil’s nickname is “Bulgar-Slayer”, north of empire a poem above image: a nice example of word and image on a page images are labeled Menologion of Basil II, Martyrdom of St. Eudoxios, 1000 [slide] menologion= a book with stories of the lives of saints; organized by dates; kind of like a calendar, biography, and educator patroned by Basil probably two volumes usually representing how saints died, martyrdom other slides from book are shown: St. Theophilus (just compositional), Baptism of
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Art 4405-November 20, 2007 - Art 4405 Macedonian Dynasty...

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