Art 4424-Midterm-Perugino

Art 4424-Midterm-Perugino - G Perugino(Pietro Vannucci c...

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G. Perugino (Pietro Vannucci; c. 1445-1523) Perugino is a nickname, adjective for city in Italy Perugu (now Umbria) Peruga is between Florence and Rome, in a mountainous area born near Peruga and had a workshop there in youth, he trained in Florence under Verrocchio also maintained workshop in Florence born 1445, around the same age as Botticelli and Ghirlandaio very prolific, made A LOT of work, loads of his painting around if successful, you can have a huge workshop his older work sucks so famous and so many commissions, had shortcuts, and even Vasari critizied him 1. * Crucifixion with Saints (small altarpiece), c. 1480 now in the National Gallery in Washington D.C. around 4 foot, small one of best Renassance paintings of this time located in the United States from town in the middle of nowhere, Cagli commissioned by Bartolommeo Bartoli, Bishop of Cagli and Confessor of Pope Alexander VI Andrew Mellon: steel magnet, bought lots of Renaissance art and formed a nucleus to the National Gallery: when this arrived in the gallery, it was reframed to look original triptych: three panel piece crucifixion, not historical retranslated into symbolical terms o Christ in center o Mary on the right o John on the left
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Art 4424-Midterm-Perugino - G Perugino(Pietro Vannucci c...

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