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History 4195-October 22

History 4195-October 22 - Sunni Ali and the emergence of...

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October 22, 2007 Sunni Ali and the emergence of Songhai Empire Kingdom of Gao and its geographical attributes Songhai has as its nucleas Gao emerged 500 fertile soil, fishing Songhai exploited their environment to the fullest and went on to have specialized society: three groups devoted to work emerged Social and occupational groupings of Songhai society -Sorko: Fishers important group, very sturdy, big boats and were able to transform -Gabibi: Hunters military contribution -Do:Farmers/Pastoralists some hunting took their opportunity Causal factors for Songhai’s non-expansionist policy during early period Gao did not engage in imperialistic tendencies were content with nucleus small homogeneous state and eventually consumed by Ghana and Mali Why didn’t they expand? 1. geographic location on Niger was good (north-eastern bend) 2. they lacked something 3. were not geographically close to gold 4. located away from major trade routes, only formed from eastern tilt in a route Trans-Saharren trade is a big deal and when it moves east toward Gao, Gao is now in a position to exploit the trade system and take over rulers before 14 th century lacked political stability and could not leave ones base; did not leave home because someone could come in and take over while they were out Gao was one of the earliest places to have Islam introduced dicey topic 1. even with early introduction, Gao still one of strongest domination of traditional religion 2.
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