History 4195-October 26

History 4195-October 26 - Internal discontent and Moroccan...

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October 26, 2007 Internal discontent and Moroccan imperialism/decline and fall of Songhai when Askia Muhammad returned from his pilgrimage he was above all the snobby scholars he still kept contact with major Muslim scholars and they went on to become political consuls Influence of Mohammad al-Maghili in royal court Mohammad al-Maghili: native of Tlencen (Algeria), scholar/consul, very controversial in ideas but orthodox, international scholar al-Maghili was becoming very important to Askia Muhammad; and if he or his scholars did not know something, he would send the question to al-Maghili education became very important In his written replies to the questions of Askia Muhammad, al-Maghili encouraged him to undertake jihad, but said that jihad against backsliders was more important than waging war against self-confessed unbelievers. al-Maghili told Askia Muhammad the need to follow true Muslim rules; women were not wearing veil (hijab) and al-Maghili was not pleased; women even today feel it is more of a cultural than religious and not necessary Military campaigns of Askia Muhammad although none of Askia Muhammad’s subsequent campaigns was formal jihad, they all seem to have been directed at populations which were either in general declared Muslims or ruled by a Muslim sovereign. they all went beyond the Songhai empire and were for the most part only successful in establishing tribute-paying satellites which proved difficult to rule an attempt was made to gain control of the Air region which lay astride the important caravan route to Egypt From Askia Muhammad’s questions to al-Maghili it is apparent that caravans were being interfered with and the North African scholar gave religious sanction to punitive action taken against such brigands he took on several more economic take over’s 1507 sent forces into the western area, an attack was made on the Galam region near the Senegal-Falémé confluence, but no indication of the outcome
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History 4195-October 26 - Internal discontent and Moroccan...

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