History 4195-October 29

History 4195-October 29 - October 29, 2007 The Mossi...

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October 29, 2007 The Mossi Complex several fiercely independent states the power was based firmly on the possession of horses and a knowledge of the techniques of cavalry warfare 12 th century – beginnings of Mossi polities 1600 – Emergence of seven Mossi Kingdoms: Mamprussi, Nanumba, Dagomba, Tenkodogo, Wagadugu, Yatenga and Fada N’gurma coexisted as independent states used heavily armored cavalry principally for defense purposes, their real strength lay in their employment of light cavalry for long-range raiding penetrated country where organized opposition was seldom encountered, battles were correspondingly rare existed within highly fortified walls, mini fortresses, even village architecture was designed to withstand sieges; this was a condition of their style of warfare were interested in expanding at others expense, to take advantage of resources Arab journals contain evidence of the desire of Mossi to take advantage of trade routes and Songhai not wanting this to happen mid 15 th century, Songhai went after Mossi then Muhammed had a jihad on Mossi, maybe just a check on Mossi to stop interfering maybe just political and economic Askia Dawud went after Mossi at least three times menace
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History 4195-October 29 - October 29, 2007 The Mossi...

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