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HUEC 1000-February 10

HUEC 1000-February 10 - HUEC 1000 Family-U.S Bureau of...

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HUEC 1000-February 10, 2006 Family -U.S. Bureau of Census-1982 -Two or more persons living together and related by blood, marriage, or adoption -AAFCS-1978 Group of two or more persons who share resources, share responsibilities for decisions, share values and goals, and have commitment to one another over time. Family Life Cycle -1930’s -Evelyn Duvall’s Family Life Cycle Begins with marriage Ends with both spouses -Evelyn Duvall’s Family Life Cycle provides us the : Most systematic Most widespread Long term use of the family cycle idea Features of Life Cycle 1. Definite progress from one stage to another 2. Stages overlap and flow together 3. People influence each other 4. Stages have developmental task Developmental Task of Young Adults 1. Choosing a vocation 2. Getting an education 3. Serving the country 4. Becoming marriageable- 5. Learning to appraise and express love 6. Choosing a marriage partner 7. Getting engaged 8. Being married Development Task in the Middle Years 1. Maintaining a pleasant and comfortable home
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