HUEC 1000-February 13

HUEC 1000-February 13 - • 1990-3.2 mil • 2000-69...

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HUEC 1000-February 13, 2006 Ernest Burgess 1930’s -Family is a unity made up of individual, interacting personalities Family Terminology Conjugal A husband and wife Nuclear A husband, wife, and child Family of orientation Family into which you are born; you are a child Family of procreation Family in which your have children; you are the parent; thus a new nuclear family Extended family Beyond the nuclear family, the family tree Monogamy One man, one woman, one time; only legal form of marriage acceptable in the U.S. Serial monogamy More than one marriage in a lifetime, although still one at a time Polygamy Multiple spouses Polygyny Multiple wives Polyandry Multiple husbands Traditional family Monogamous, biological with husband and wife; less than 10% of the population fits this Dual Career Both spouses work Changing Family Demographics -Family households 1970-81% 2000-69% -Cohabiting couples
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Unformatted text preview: • 1990-3.2 mil • 2000-69 mil (one of the most significant changes in family life)-Married with children • 1970-40% • 2000-24%-Married without children • 1970-30% • 2000-30%-Children residing with two parents • 1980-77% • 2000-69% Changing Family Issues and Challenges-Health issues • HIV/AIDS • Obesity-Proportion of elderly persons-Disasters of all kinds-Managing multiple roles-Communication technologies-Family economic pressures Family Functions William Ogburn 1934 Family functions are adjusting to social change-Historical/traditional family functions of a nuclear family • Reproduction of new members • Sexual regulation • Economic cooperation • Education-Current family functions • Procreation and socialization of children • Emotional support • Regulate sexual activity Exogamy Endogamy • Assignment of status and social roles...
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HUEC 1000-February 13 - • 1990-3.2 mil • 2000-69...

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