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HUEC 1000-February 15, 2006 Are Families Growing Apart? -U.S. increasing individualistic Preoccupied with pursuit of personal happiness -Mobility of families No longer live in close proximity Mate Selection Research shows we choose people: We feel comfortable Who reinforce our own self-image Ideal mate in mind Like social economic status, religion, race, education, age Propinquity (live in close proximity)
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Unformatted text preview: • Parental influence Psychosocial Factors Predictors of Marital Success 1. Length of acquaintance (longer the better) 2. Age at marriage 3. Social class and residence 4. Premarital pregnancy(-) 5. Previous divorce and divorced parents 6. Parental conflict or approval 7. Religion 8. Mental health Termination of Marriage-Annulment-Death of spouse-Divorce...
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