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HUEC 1000-February 20

HUEC 1000-February 20 - HUEC 1000 Child...

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HUEC 1000-February 20, 2006 Child Development -Physical Development Erik Erickson -Cognitive development Jean Piaget Physical Development -Children double their weight in six months -Children triple their weight in a year -Height of child at two years of age is half their adult height -A baby is measured and weighed every visit to chart growth and watch for abnormalities -Mother’s height for sons Height + 5 inches (+ - 2 inches) -Father’s height for daughters Height – 5 inches (+ - 2 inches) Emotional Development -Erick Erickson proposed that individuals pass through a series of emotional stages. -Each stage has a task (developmental task) or crisis to be resolved if the person is to develop into a healthy, happy adult -The stages go through old age, focus in the stages relevant to childhood Stages of Emotional Development 1. Trust vs. mistrust 0-1year Babies dependent upon adults to satisfy their needs 2. Autonomy vs. shame and doubt 1-3 years (toddler/terrible 2s)
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