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ETHNOGRAPHIC FIELD ACTIVITY WITH INTERVIEW EVALUATION FORM NAME___________________________ CLASS__________SECTION________ Rationale and Purpose (____points) ___ Justification of the activity (why did you choose this topic?) ___ Knowledge-base (briefly discuss and cite four references other than the required texts) about the topic ___ Expected changes as a result of this activity Basic Content Activity (____points) ___ Describe the social identity group(s) being examined ___ Provide a narrative description of the activity ___ Methodology: typed; well written (____points) ___ Discuss the importance of the content of the activity in implementing
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Unformatted text preview: a multicultural curriculum ___ Provide some specific ideas of how you might use what you learned in your teaching or in other work you do Conclusion (____points) ___ Summarize what you have learned from this experience Appendices (____points) ___ List interview questions ( required ) ___ Reference List of background readings ( required ) ___ Appropriate hand-out(s), agency brochures, church bulletin, etc. ___ Logs of participation or observations ___ Resource kit/packet ___ Statistical charts, graphics, newsclippings Total Points______ Grade___________ Additional Comments...
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