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HUEC 1000-January 27 - -Individual world population growing...

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HUEC 1000-January 27, 2006 Environment (contd) social biological social physical social cultural -Human Behavioral Environment : the psychosocial and biophysical behavior of humans (what you do, what you think, values, emotions, physical skills) 3. Interactions between and within the Human Unit and Environment -microenvironment -macro environment *All aspects of the human ecosystem are interrelated in that any part of the human ecosystem influences or acts on any other part and is influenced or acted on in return. The subsystems are in continuous interaction with each other. Subsystems of the Human Ecological System
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Unformatted text preview: -Individual world population growing aging society people living longer water supply adult oriented society NORC naturally occurring retirement community-Family marriage, divorce, children domestic violence and child abuse ecological transitions one family member changes their status-Economics resources inflation and taxes social security-Political/Government business failure-Educational illiteracy Pre K programs technology nontraditional courses educational costs...
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