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Criteria for research project

Criteria for research project - globalizing United States...

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Criteria for research project 1. Student or students show a clear understanding of social forces in the context of one or more West South American countries, and pose thoughtful questions about those forces to themselves. (Possible 10 points) 2. Students show understanding and insight into the concepts of multiculturalism, social justice and social equity. (Possible 10 points) 3. Students display a thesis and supportive arguments, with references well cited. (10 points) 4. Students are organized and clear in presentation. (5 points). 5. Students are creative and innovative. They successfully step outside the norm and do something of their own inspiration. (10 points). Criteria for reflection paper 1. Student shows a genuine effort to understand the relevance of multiculturalism to him/her self and their community/ the United States. (15 points) 2. Student offers insight into positive ways to approach a multicultural,
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Unformatted text preview: globalizing United States, and ways in which the United States may become more socially equitable. (10 points) 3. Student’s paper is well organized and clear. (5 points) Class discussion 1. Student contributes at least once to the discussion. (5 points) 2. Student takes an active role in the discussion. (10 points) 3. Student remains respectful of others’ opinions, and constructive in their arguments and criticism. (5 points). Posters (group activity) 1. Students exhibit their knowledge of the history, modern culture and components of multiculturalism for their chosen country. (10 points) 2. Students exhibit creativity in the way they present their information. (10 points) 3. 10 extra points will be awarded to each group member whose group poster is voted the best by the class....
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Criteria for research project - globalizing United States...

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