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LIS 1001 Section 8 Assignment Name: Janie Ramírez Use Web of Science: In Web of Science look up articles on switch grass as biofuels. In limits and settings keep limits down to the last five years and DESELECT the Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities Indexes. How many results come up? 1 Look in the Green Bar on the left side. What subject areas are listed? What sources are the articles from? INTERNATIONAL SUGAR JOURNAL What institutions are affiliated with these authors? OHIO STATE UNIV Where can you get a hold of the article “Deemed Feasible Cellulosic Ethanol. . .) by S. Ritter? Middleton Library has this periodical. It is a current issue, so it is going to be in the Current Periodicals/Newspapers Room. Pick a scientific topic of interest (something simple will do). botany in the Middle Ages Develop a simple query for it and write the query here. botany and Middle Ages Cite two sources of interest that come up as a result of that query.
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