West African History-1

West African History-1 - African is the richest in the...

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August 27, 2007 -Hugh Trevor-Roper and George Hegel said African’s did not make a contribution to history except being savages -Sankope University and Timbuktu/Jenne centers of culture and trade today August 29, 2007 Inter-disciplinary method allows historians to depend on social and natural and humanitarian sciences How did people deal with their environment? How did people live? example: Zoology horses tsetse fly sleeping sickness African societies don’t have a written culture it is more oral exception is Egypt mostly dependent on speaking culture most of the writing of Africa is by traitors, enemies, and other non-Africans; many times it is not accurate Robert W. July said “anyone who wants to study history should start with geography rivers play a big part: Niger, Benue, Congo, Sengal/Gambia Sahara Desert was once less dry and more populated seasonal windstorms, harmattan Geology, what you have to work with
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Unformatted text preview: African is the richest in the world in natural resources magnet to the outside world gold, played huge role in state formation diamonds, magnesium, tin, etch. *geography may be the most important source in African history-1) written documents 2) archeology 3) oral tradition: supplemented by linguistics and anthropology-Most of the world is concerned with written documents because of culture, but its just not that way in Africa-archeological digs are very important; examples, Niani, Kumbi-Saleh-collaboration is essential-Thurstan Shaw went to Igbo-Ukwu, found bronze sculpture, shows trade-Chemistry is big, have to date things-serology, study of blood types-linguistics, loan words-evolution is pointing to Africa as beginning of creation, Darwin-Louis and Mary Leakey, How long bone embedded?, Isotopic method, carbon-14 dating...
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West African History-1 - African is the richest in the...

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