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Janie Ramírez July 8, 2008 Blue, Blue, Blue Gardenias In “Blue Girls” by John Crowe Ransom, the poet addresses the ignorance of innocence and its short lifespan. In stanza one, the girls are oblivious to anything besides their enjoyment of their youth and what is happening in the moment. They are given this experience “your seminary” (2) and they take no notice of it. The girls see it as something that has nothing to do with them. The girls refuse to acknowledge a world that is not their own. Their professors, the ones trying to show them a world beyond what is directly in front of them, are not even seen, by the girls, to share any of the same qualities, “Go Listen to your teachers old and contrary, Without believing a word” (3, 4). In stanza two the girls only are to concern themselves with hair ribbons and to not even think about the future, but the future will happen regardless, it is inevitable, “ what will come to pass” (6). The girls are compared to bluebirds, but the bluebirds have no choice in their innocence
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