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Janie Ramírez July 11, 2008 Or Not Talking in Bed Isolation and honesty, not only in a relationship but also in society, is the main theme in Philip Larkin’s poem “Talking in Bed”. In the first stanza, the poet presents a lovely image of the confidences shared by lovers in their beds, but he also gives small hints of the uneasiness that follows with the rest of the poem. As far back as time, everything from secrets to facts of mundane life have been talk of by couples sleeping together, even if the people do not know one another that well. The first line, “Talking in bed ought to be easiest” (1), can at first seems so casual and happy, but it comes off more as talking easy should be how things go, but that is not the case here in this specific bed. Also the use of the word “Lying” in line two can have multiple meanings. It can be the physical act of two lovers sharing a bed and each other, their life together could be untrue and a lie, or possible when they do talk they lie to one another.
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