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Unformatted text preview: Janie Ramírez July 23, 2008 Fake, Plastic Slaves In Robert Lowell’s poem, “For the Union Dead”, the speaker uses a personal experience with a place and a historical memorial to question the actual progress gained from war and to question which leader modern society is really serving. He compares the historical and the modern. The poem starts of with the altered Latin motto from the Civil War memorial on the Boston Common, changing it from “He gives up…” to “They give up everything to serve the republic.” so as to include the men who fought with the colonel. War memorials are suppose to bring to mind the honorable deeds of past heroes. Throughout the poem, though, the past seems to be fading from the memory of society becoming more and more impersonal. When the memorial was first raised the magnitude of the events was fresh on the mind, “William James could almost hear the bronze Negroes breathe” (28). By the twelfth stanza, the whole war has become just another event in history, “The stone statues of the abstract Union Soldier grow slimmer and...
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