Ethnographic Field Activity Description

Ethnographic Field Activity Description - Ethnographic...

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Ethnographic Field Activity with Interview Paper For this project you will learn about the culturally pluralistic nature of the United States and understand its implications for PK-12 schooling. Working independently, you will use ethnographic methods to explore multiple aspects of culture in the United States. This assignment will require you to identify a topic that has important relevance for multicultural education. You will use historical, ideological, and institutional frames of analysis to interpret how various social groups’ experience life differently in the U.S. based upon race, class, gender, religion, and language. Specifically, you may choose to describe a social group’s history, geography of location, familial structure, social economic status, school experience, ethnic identity etc. Within this inquiry, you will also be expected explore how institutions (i.e. schools, government, media etc.) have affected the social identity groups’ experience in the U.S. What is ethnographic research? Those who are involved in ethnographic research study how culture shapes the life experiences of individuals or groups in a particular setting over a period of time. Questions that are often posed by ethnographers are what does it mean to be a member of this particular social identity group? Or what makes someone an insider or an outsider in a group? Ethnographers also seek to understand how certain social identity groups perceive themselves and view what opportunities have been available to them in their surroundings. This research project provides an opportunity for you to learn more about U.S culture and its society through using an ethnographic method. These methods typically include: formal and informal interviews, observation, field note collection, literature reviews, and analysis.
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Ethnographic Field Activity Description - Ethnographic...

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